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Phase II Style, LLC   

Are you beginning to feel as if you’re not liking your wardrobe? Are you questioning how you look in your clothes these days and just not sure of your current personal style and image? What message are you sending with the clothes you choose to wear for the day?

You might be contemplating a wardrobe update and considering a shopping spree between the change of seasons.

Have you ever thought of having a Fashion Stylist/Confidence Creator help?

As YOUR personalized economical Fashion Stylist/Confidence Creator…

I will help with:

  • Transforming you from the “caterpillar to the butterfly”
  • Confidence building through matching your personality to your fashion sense
  • Help to enhance your creativity through self expression and individuality

The image you present creates other’s first impression of you. This can help or hinder you in all aspects of your life; from personal relationships to your career. Confidence and individuality are projected in self expression through your personal image.

I will help you customize the appropriate image you want to present. Highlighting your personality, putting your best foot forward and showing you ways to create an investment wardrobe.

What is your style?

It is your very own personal uniqueness, your self expression & your individuality. It’s  your body language…   your non verbal communication.

Cultivating your image will encourage confidence and success. We all have self authenticity. By modifying and enhancing your best personal attributes and fashion qualities, you will feel updated, more knowledgeable and confident with your future fashion sense.

The ultimate goal for Phase II Style, LLC is to encourage confidence with your personal image and style.

Pamela Singley ITA,CCC     Fashion Stylist/Confidence Creator                                  phaseiistyle@gmail.com     484.800.5355   















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Phase II Style

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Welcome to Phase II Style

The ultimate goal for Phase II Style is to encourage confidence with your personal image and style.

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